Affordable Fitness Services

Need to lose weight ahead of that family vacation? Or perhaps you want to tone up to regain your energy and confidence?  Even if you’ve previously failed with other solutions, F&N Lifestyles is the answer to all your problems.

Taking care of your body isn’t easy, especially in today’s fast-paced environment. It’s hard enough juggling other life commitments without trying to fit regular exercise into your schedule. However, it’s important that you do make time for those activities. After all, nothing in this life is more important than your health! Whether you’re a Mom or a busy woman in the Cambridge Ohio area, I am here to help.


Many women fall into the vicious cycle of useless quick fad diets, and feel like there is no solution. But, with my help you’ll soon realize that dream body can be achieved.

I have helped dozens of women just like you turn their lives around. And you can be next! Regaining your health and confidence is a lifelong commitment. I will help implement changes to your lifestyle without impacting the other commitments in your life. Better still, my programs are built to give you the tools needed to keep the good work going forever.


At F&N Lifestyles, programs are designed with your best interests in mind. Working out at your home or in the local outdoors area will ensure exercise stays fun. More importantly, I am focused on helping you gain the very best results. With this in mind, all clients will also receive nutritional and motivational support throughout the plan.

No two women are the same, which is why I offer a number of options to achieve those goals. Head to the Services section for full details, or send me a message and we will get started!

In Home Training


The one-to-one service will include a program developed around your individual goals and requirements. From the comfort of your home, you’ll rediscover the fun side of healthy living while changing your life for the better too. 

Partner Training


What better way to get in shape than with a friend? Specialized programs, combined with my support, will help you gain great results in just three short months. Moreover, splitting the costs can see sessions cost as little as $21 per person!

Group Training


Or if you want to split the cost further, I can accommodate up to four people. Through a mix of home-based activities, lives will be changed together. Best of all, it can cost just $8 per person per session!

Company Mission

At F&N Lifestyles, the aim is to simply help you unlock a happier future. If it can be achieved in a fun environment, then that’s just a bonus.

In addition to the logistics, I appreciate your need for cost-effective solutions. Taking care of your body shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. By offering a home-based service, you’ll forego the need for expensive gym memberships. Meanwhile, a lack of travel time and costs will come as a welcomed bonus.

Significant improvements to your look and general condition are just three short months away. And whether it’s alone or with a small group of friends, I will help you create a healthier and more confident you.